Pacific Bryson Mens Hybrid Bike Pacific Bryson Mens Hybrid Bike
Pacific Bryson Mens Hybrid Bike


Bike riding and exercising is a fun activity normally carried out by adults, couples, family members and neighborhood friends due to its social and adventurous benefits. It is also an easy, less time consuming and cost effective way to travel and positively experience modern outdoor thrills. Hybrid bikes are ergonomically designed, socially accepted forms of transport from workers to bosses, with continued use guaranteeing positive health impacts. Hybrid bikes perform well in this regard and the best hybrid bike for modern bike enthusiasts is the Pacific Bryson Men’s 700c hybrid bike.


Solid Construction and Gear System

The bike features a strong steel hybrid frame structure that allows the user to have easy control. It has a set of 18-speed twist shifters for quick acceleration when on flat surfaces. It comes with a a three-piece crank that enhances its wide gear range capabilities for speed enthusiasts as well as a rear derailleur for simple transferring.

Tires and Braking System

The Pacific Bryson comes with stable front and rear V brakes for easy stoppage and a set of quality alloy wheels which firmly grip to the ground especially when its user brakes with high speed.

Comfort and Adjustability

The hybrid bike has a 3 piece crank system that enables it to accommodate different weights and the seat is adjustable to accommodate heights and widths of different users. The different gears on the Pacific Bryson bike can be adjusted to make user’s rides smoother and easier, especially when engaging in downhill or uphill challenges.


The Pacific hybrid bike has overall dimensions of 70 inches x 25.5 inches x 70 inches, with a shipping Weight of 49.45 pounds. The package height of the bike is 10 x 34 x 58 inches.


  1. Affordable and cost effective
  2. Huge carrying capacity
  3. Quick, responsive gear shift mechanism
  4. Can be used in all terrain
  5. Good for beginners
  6. Lightweight
  7. Upright sitting position
  8. Adjustable seat mechanism


  1. No clear instructions on its assembly.
  2. Uncomfortable seats
  3. Tire wobbles
  4. Brakes do not align to tires.
  5. Low quality rims
  6. No adjustable suspension


It has an list price of US $ 188, with a special discount of 21 % that saves US $ 39.32, leaving the sale price at $ 148.68.


The Pacific Bryson Hybrid has obtained a total rating of 2.5 out of 5 stars

J Mackenzie, a satisfied Amazon consumer was ecstatic upon its arrival at his front door and rated it as his best hybrid bike that he hoped for. He claimed it was easy to assemble and rides great.

  1. Carter claimed that although the price was right, it needed a bit more refining in the gear shifting mechanism. He heaped tons of praise on the bike’s overall aesthetic design, but criticized its braking system as poor quality.


The Pacific Bryson Men’s Hybrid bike is good for exploring natural bike trails, cruising down avenues and gravel terrain. It is light, comfortable and fast thanks to its 18 speed twist shifters. It is comfortable, sturdy and is the best hybrid bike in terms of affordability and performance. It is highly recommended for beginners, bicycle fitness enthusiasts and adventurers.

A great inexpensive aluminum frame bike with great features for riding over rough terrain or around town and hauling stuff home.
  • Excellent for long journeys over and terrain even if you are of the larger build.
  • One point to be aware of, is this is a large bike, the seat is at the lowest setting, is 36 ¼ inches above the ground, If you're smaller than 5-10 you may have difficulty riding this bike.

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