Schwinn Capitol 700c Men’s 18 Inch Schwinn Capitol 700c Men’s 18 Inch
Schwinn Capitol 700c Men’s 18 Inch


The Best Mens Bike For Cruising. Commuting by regular automobiles has become an expensive affair and no longer a luxury for time conscious individuals due to traffic jams. Hybrid bikes are good replacements that are consistently becoming the bikes of choice for cyclists worldwide. The Schwinn Capital 700c Men’s Hybrid bike is one of the best hybrid bikes in the vast hybrid bike categories.


Comfortable and Efficient Ride

The Schwinn Capitol 700c Men’s Hybrid Bike is based on a proprietary Schwinn aluminum hybrid frame that together with a Schwinn suspension fork ensure that the rider has an efficient and comfortable ride experience.

The bike has a swept back handlebar design with an adjustable stem that enables the rider to customize their riding position that best suits them.

The Schwinn Capitol 700c Men’s Hybrid Bike has soft well-padded hybrid seats with integrated spring system and a suspension seat to ensure a comfortable ride. The plush suspension system complements the overall ride of the Schwinn Capitol Hybrid Bike.

Precise Gear Shift

The Schwinn hybrid bike has a Shimano EZ Fire shifters with 21 speeds and when coupled with Shimano rear derailleurs enable the cyclist to enjoy rapid, smooth and precise gear shifts. The gears enable the rider to tackle hill climbs and inclines more effectively.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

In general, Schwinn bikes have a limited lifetime warranty covering them. This ensures that the Schwinn hybrid bike is durable and solidly built to withstand the test of time.

Tires and Safety Features

It has front and rear V alloy breaks that confer efficiency when stopping. It has 26 inch wheels with high profile alloy rims.

Product Specifications

The Schwinn Capitol 700c Men’s Hybrid Bike has overall dimensions of 10.5 X 31 X 54.5 inches and weighs 46 pounds.


  1. Easy to assemble.
  2. Kickstand included
  3. Adjustable seat for comfort.
  4. Linear braking system
  5. Lightweight Aluminum frame
  6. Comfortable and smooth ride
  7. Puncture resistant tires


Not good for tall cyclists


The Schwinn Capitol 700c Men’s Hybrid Bike is the best hybrid bike currently available in the market. It has an overall rating of an impressive 4.5 out of 5 stars.

F.Nikolaev, an Amazon customer says the bike is beautiful and riding it is definitely a pleasurable experience.

B.Lewis, clearly a satisfied Amazon customer says the bike is great. It is quite fast, lightweight and well built. His Schwinn Hybrid bike is so nice that it actually got stolen two weeks after purchasing it!

Evans praises it is a superior product and definitely the best hybrid bike he has ever owned. He says it is definitely a great bargain.


The Schwinn Capitol 700c Mens Hybrid bike is the best hybrid bike designed for bumpy roads and beaten paths. Its concept offers the user the best conditions for steep hills and rough terrains and has a stellar gear shift mechanism. It is meant for both beginning and professional cyclists, stay at home mums, campus students and fitness enthusiasts. It is the perfect example of Schwinn’s spirit of innovation and a highly recommended bike in its prime.

A great inexpensive aluminum frame bike with great features for riding over rough terrain or around town and hauling stuff home.
  • Excellent for long journeys over and terrain even if you are of the larger build.
  • One point to be aware of, is this is a large bike, the seat is at the lowest setting, is 36 ¼ inches above the ground, If you're smaller than 5-10 you may have difficulty riding this bike.

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