Schwinn Womens Wayfare Schwinn Womens Wayfare
Schwinn Womens Wayfare

A Modern Revolutionary Womens Bike

Humans all over the world and especially at a certain age reach a stage where their metabolism rate slows down. This in turn makes both male and female sexes accumulate weight in different parts of the body. Taking part in body building, aerobics activities and swimming sessions may help, but the ultimate fat burning and muscle toning exercises come in the form of bicycle riding. Not only does bike riding help to shape the body, but statistics have also shown that the exercises help to delay the onset of menopause in women. Hybrid bikes, modern mountain bike alternatives confer quick weight loss and toning results and the Schwinn Women’s Wayfare is the best hybrid bike in its class and category.

The Wayfare hybrid bike is designed by the Schwinn Bicycle company, a reputable and established American bike company.


Stylish Retro Urban Design

The hybrid bikes 700c tires allow for more leisurely acceleration predominantly when cruising down inclined trails and uphill motions. It has a steady rack and co-ordinating fenders

Customized Gear Shifting Mechanism

The quick response 7 speed gear shifters and Schwinn rear deraileurs attend to the bike for an easier, smooth and quiet experience.

Comfort and Visibility

The bike has a high quality spring seat that enables the rider to adopt an upright riding position for high visibility

Ride Anywhere

The bikes have thick tires which enable the bike to be ridden on even the roughest of surfaces while remaining stable.

Quality Spring Seat

It has a stable seat mechanism that facilitates the reader to ride in an upright position for a better posture and immediate back relief.

Lifetime Warranty

Like all Schwinn bikes, the hybrid beauty comes with a limited lifetime warranty for as long as it is owned, therefore users can ride comfortably with the knowledge that it is Schwinn approved.

Sturdy frame.

The hybrid bikes frame is specially designed to handle huge weights without shaking or toppling over.

Product Specifications

The Schwinn Women’s Wayfare Hybrid has overall dimensions of 70 X 25.5 X 43 inches and weighs 50.6 pounds. It has a huge carrying capacity of 250 pounds with a stand over height of 19.5 inches.


  1. Limited lifetime warranty.
  2. Smooth, efficient gearing.
  3. Easy to assemble.
  4. Superior, smooth and balanced ride experience.
  5. Convenient rear clamp to hold items.


  1. No quick release mechanism.
  2. Rust and corrosion prone gear cabling.
  3. Poor quality plastic fenders.
  4. Stiff, uncomfortable seats that lack adequate cushioning.
  5. Flimsy metal clamp for rear mudguard.


The bike received a strong overall rating of a solid 4.2 out of 5 stars and is the best hybrid bike option for women.

Mellisa, a satisfied Amazon customer says the bike has a great color scheme, and is a beautiful bike with a stylish, simple and classic design.

Erin.H says it is definitely a great bike that rides very smoothly.

Michelle Chamberlain, an Amazon customer found the lack of the quick release feature quite challenging. The gear cables rust and corrode, making it difficult to change gears.


The Schwinn Women’s Wayfare Hybrid bike is a modern day hybrid bike that offers a fun-filled, smooth balanced ride on any road surface. It is good for riding on uphill inclines, dirt trails, parks and urban settings. Its designed for avid female cyclists and fitness enthusiasts and for leisurely rides. The Schwinn Women’s Wayfare Hybrid bike is definitely the best hybrid bike available for women and comes at a cost effective price.

A great inexpensive aluminum frame bike with great features for riding over rough terrain or around town and hauling stuff home.
  • Excellent for long journeys over and terrain even if you are of the larger build.
  • One point to be aware of, is this is a large bike, the seat is at the lowest setting, is 36 ¼ inches above the ground, If you're smaller than 5-10 you may have difficulty riding this bike.

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