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Schwinn Network 3 700C

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Shimano 21 Speed

Diamondback Edgewood Complete

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Aluminum Frame
Shimano 7-Speed

Pacific Bryson

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Alloy wheels


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Adventuring at its Best: Hybrid Bikes Under $1000

Bikes are a healthy and eco-friendly means of transport, so it’s no wonder that these are making a comeback. With specialized bikes for various purposes, we’ve come a long way from the penny-farthing or the high wheel bicycle. Unfortunately, road or mountain bikes can cost a bomb, so if you want to double it up as a means of everyday transport, the hybrid bike is the perfect solution! While the market is flooded with innumerable designs meant for different purposes, some stand out. These innovative creations are ideal for everyday travel as well as weekend excursions, killing two birds in one stone. To top it off, they’re also a lot cheaper than the specialized bikes, so unless you’re planning on becoming a serious mountain biker, a hybrid bike should suffice!


Our Top Hybrid Bikes Picks and Reviews 2016:

The Schwinn Men Network 3.0 has easily secured its place at the top of our list. This incredible design is meant for the more serious biker. With 21 speeds along with the Shimano EZ fire shifters, it will truly help you feel the wind in your face, while the lightweight body is perfect to propel you forward. The comfortably padded seat is meant for the longer rides, while the design itself encourages the upright sitting position. However, if this isn’t your cup of tea, we have also shortlisted some other incredible options out there.


Best Hybrid Bike for Beginners:

If you’re looking to cultivate a passion here, a beginner’s hybrid bike might be the perfect deal. That’s why the Diamonback Bicycles 2015 Edgewood Complete Hybrid Bicycle makes a great fit. This is available in different sizes with adjustable handlebars and a comfortable seat. The 21 speeds enable more flexibility while riding as well. Moreover, the design encourages an upright sitting position – a relief, since the streamlined position often leads to back, shoulder, and hip aches for the inexperienced rider.


Best Hybrid Bike For Under $500:

Let’s face it, hybrid bikes offer the best of both words. While they are great at catching speed, they also give you the optimum level of safety necessary when riding in that unpredictable flow of urban traffic. However, these sometimes find themselves leaning heavily on the expensive end of the scale. So while you fumble around figuring out which one you can afford, the Pacific Bryson Men’s 700c 18 Hybrid Bike stands out. Available at a great price, it is equipped with the perfect features to seal the deal. The frame is meant for complete control of the contraption, while the 18 speeds ensure optimum comfort. Moreover, the secure brakes promise a quick and complete halt whenever the need be.


Best Features:

Our top picks are based on the features each of them sport.
For one, the more gears it has, the easier it will be to adapt to different riding conditions. Most hybrid bikes aren’t meant for serious mountain or road biking. But take them on that rough trail, and they work like a charm!
These also come with a great set of breaks to prepare yourself for any surprise life throws your way.
The upright riding position is ideal for optimum comfort as well.
Moreover, a lightweight frame is great when it comes to catching speed and even transporting your ride from place to place.

So if you’re considering investing in one of these incredible creations, this list of our top picks is sure to help you out. Just click through and get yourself a deal!