XDS Men’s Cross 300 XDS Men’s Cross 300
XDS Men’s Cross 300

XDS Men’s Cross 300 Hybrid

The XDS Men’s Cross 300 hybrid bicycle is the best hybrid bike available for men. It combines the comfort of a cruiser bike while embracing the flexible design and manoeuvrability of a hybrid bike in one stylish and practical package.

The bike is constructed and designed by XDS and is the perfect riding solution for cyclists in a college campus setting, beaches or even urban streets due to its flexibility and adaptable design.


Comfort and Overall Ride

The XDS 300 hybrid bike frame is based on a lightweight alloy material that is available in two sizes for men, 46 cm or 52cm. The frame is TIG welded and this ensures that the bike is long lasting and durable. It features an integral shock absorber RST suspension fork to ensure a smooth and a balanced ride experience.

The saddle is comfortable and relatively well padded as it incorporates Velcro Comfort Trekking. The XDS’s seats can be adjusted for maximum comfort to suit the rider’s overall posture. The integral Tekro brakes are sufficient to ensure safety and efficient stopping power when the need arises.

Rust Free Alloy Material

The hub and rims of the bike are constructed of rust resistant alloy material. The rims are of solid and strong build due to their double walled design. The pedals have an alloy cage and the entire braking mechanism and the system is alloy based. The XDS hybrid bike handlebar is also made of lightweight alloy material.

High Quality Construction

The XDS hybrid bike for men has integral fore and aft Shimano derailleurs and a 24 speed gear shifter. The crank system is also based on Shimano technology. The tires are CS 700 X 38C and are wide enough to confer stability to the XDS hybrid. The spokes are 14G.

Strength and Durability

The XDS hybrid bike is mainly constructed using lightweight and strong alloy material to ensure solid overall strength and durability.


  1. Smooth and fast ride experience.
  2. Rugged build.
  3. Rust free, lightweight alloy frame and components.
  4. Excellent tires.
  5. Comfortable seats.
  6. Rides well on different terrains.
  7. Seat adjustability.
  8. Strong and durable.
  9. Cost effective price.


It has no quick release feature for the wheels.


The XDS Men’s Cross 300 hybrid bicycle has an impressive rating of 5 out of 5 stars and is definitely the best hybrid bike.

Wizkid, an Amazon customer, purchased the bike from Amazon and says it combines the features of a true mountain bike and a road bike. It is great on dirt and gravel roads and performs well on long distance bike rides.

Shannon, another satisfied Amazon customer says it is the best bike he has ever ridden, has a smooth ride and it fits standard bike racks for cars. It is perfect for his beach escapades. Another customer says it is the best bike he has ever had and his wrist and backside does not hurt when he rides.


The XDS Men’s Cross 300 hybrid bicycle is a high quality bike and is definitely the best hybrid bike available. It can be used on various terrains, has smooth gear shifts and a superior balanced ride. It is comfortable and cost effective. It is definitely a high quality hybrid bike worth every penny.

A great inexpensive aluminum frame bike with great features for riding over rough terrain or around town and hauling stuff home.
  • Excellent for long journeys over and terrain even if you are of the larger build.
  • One point to be aware of, is this is a large bike, the seat is at the lowest setting, is 36 ¼ inches above the ground, If you're smaller than 5-10 you may have difficulty riding this bike.

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